Private Lessons

Through the use of the latest video technology and the state of the art Flightscope launch monitor Hugh will break down what you do right and what you do wrong and will walk you through the necessary steps to achieve your new simple and efficient golf swing.  Hugh is currently trusted by many college bound juniors, mini tour players, and local pros.  Don’t fall for the lastest fads that will prolong your improvement.  Come in and discover your shortest timeline to your best golf ever.  •  (215) 778-5723

Hugh Reilly, PGA


“Hugh, Hey it’s Fran. I dropped more putts in the last 4 days than I have in the past 10 years combined!!! When can we get together next?” -Fran S., Phoenexville

“In just a few weeks Hugh Reilly had taught me a swing I could use on the course and now consistently strike the ball.  Would recommend to any golfer looking to learn the game or improve their swing.”  -Chester O., Springfield

BEST LESSONS I EVER HAD!! I’ve been playing for about 15 years (multiple rounds a week) and have been stuck at an 8-10 handicap for the last 2 years and couldn’t hit a draw to save my own life. By lesson #2 I was drawing the ball consistently and my mind was blown because I just didn’t think it was possible at this point in life. By lesson #4 I moved from an 8.5 handicap to a 6.2 and it is still trending down. I am so happy I picked up the phone and went in that I just had to leave a review, I rarely do this, lol. THANK YOU 100X!!”  -Brandon S.

Hugh does the bulk of his teaching from his home studio in Willow Grove. Equipped with a Flightscope launch monitor, Swing Simulator, Groovinator, and onForm video analysis, it is a preminum teaching factility equal to any other.
Hugh also gives his full swing lessons at the premiere indoor learning facility located in Oaks, PA. Parformance Golf is the premiere taching facility in the Philadelphia area. It's where the pros go to get their swings tended to. Parformance also offers TPI Certified fitness coaching.
Hugh gives his short game and playing lessons at the Abington Club in Jenkintown. 76% of the score comes from 100 yards and in. 43% of the score comes from putting. If you’re ready to move your game to the next level, becoming effective in your short game and course management is essential.

Hugh P. Reilly, PGA
1103 Division Avenue
Willow Grove, PA 19090
(215) 778-5723