Hugh Reilly, PGA

Hugh, being a current member of the PGA of America as well as a former mini tour playing professional, has been a golf instructor since 1992. He will teach you the most effective and efficient way to move the golf club based on the greatest ball strikers in history. Hugh will also educate you on your strengths and work with you on your areas of improvement so that you can make the greatest strides to lower scores!  Hugh will put your swing on video, so that you can see what is actually happening, ‘feel isn’t real’- Greg Norman. He will then compare your swing, side by side, to PGA and LPGA Tour players from yesterday and today.  The comparison video will clearly demonstrate the areas most needed for your overall improvement.  Hugh will give you a game plan to follow for optimal ball striking which leads to more distance, better flight and accuracy. The best swings are kept simple. Call 215-778-5723 or email to set up a consultation today!  He is looking forward to helping you with your game in all areas.