There is a misconception that golf is hard.  It can be.  But if you do it right it is actually pretty easy.  By studying the swings of the greatest players in the history of golf I have made a list of all the things they do in common.  And they’re not hard to mimic.  With a little training and patience anyone can be proficient at golf.  This is what I teach;  the tried and true methods from golf’s greats.  There are no new fangled, swing of the week techniques taught here.  Perfect practice makes perfect.  Take for example the swings of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.  Having grown up thousands of miles apart they somehow stumbled upon the same swing.  Tiger Woods is the leading money winner in the history of the PGA Tour and Rory McIlroy is the leading money winner in the history of the European Tour.

Tiger and Rory also have among the simplest swings in the history of the game.  Making them very efficient and very repeatable, especially in the heat of battle when lesser swings break down.  If you have a junior don’t start him until he has lessons first.  Habits form almost immediately.  That can be great if the habit is good.  It can be devastating if the wrong technique is ingrained.  Golfers spend years battling the same old bad habits.  It’s best not to have them to begin with.