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Christmas sale!  There’s no need for smash and grab at Reilly Golf Academy.  We’re practically giving the lessons away!  Buy 4 and get one free.  This price is way too low I don’t think I did the math right.  We tried to change it but it was too late.  5 One hour video lesson with Hugh Reilly, PGA.  We compare the student (with video) to the worlds greatest golfers in over 30 different positions from both face on and down the line.  The student will gain a much better understanding of the steps needed for improvement and progress is recorded through video.  Please note:  Outside drinks are not permitted unless you being one for the instructor as well.

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From: Dad
To: Mom
Message: Now we can play golf together!

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5 One hour lessons with Hugh Reilly Jr. in his home studio.  Lesson includes video analysis that can be emailed to the student after the lesson.  The student is analyzed by video in over 30 different postilions and compared to a PGA tour golfer.  The goal to improvement is simplicity.  The student will walk away much more educated about the golf swing and I will teach the student also how he can be his own swing doctor so improvement does not stall.  Forget the new clubs!  They won’t help that much trust me.  Now is the time to work on your game!

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  1. hughie17

    Oh man at this rate I’m buying one for everyone I know.
    -Snugglebottoms the intern elf

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