90 Minute Complete Swing Analysis


The Complete Golf Swing Analysis has over 20 position checkpoints that are analyzed and videoed from two different angles.

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A complete swing analysis from address to finish.  The student is videoed from two angles, face on, and down the line.  An assessment is then made in the following areas:

Address Check points: Grip, Alignment, Weight Distribution, Posture, Spine Tilt
Backswing Checkpoints: Plane, Forearm rotation, Extension, Knee Symmetry, Spine Stability, Hip Set
Downswing Checkpoints: Swing Path, Hip Rotation, Spine Angle, Lag, Impact
Finish Checkpoints: Head position, Spine Tilt, Rotation, Knees, Left Leg, Stability

The student is then given a series of drills on how to improve these positions athletically.  Follow up lessons can then be scheduled to check on the students progress.